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Below you will find information pertaining to general grading guidelines of the program, grade changes, and incomplete grades.The interpretation of grades is different at each home university. Instructors should:

  1. Consider each student’s work in terms of an alphabetic letter grade first
  2. Then assign the numerical grade that best fits the letter grade (referring to the system in place at each student’s home university)

A final grade below 69% (equivalent to C) is considered a failing grade. 


Joint PhD Grading Matrix
Alpha Grade Numerical Grade (%)
  Brock Lakehead Windsor
A+ 90 – 100 90 – 100 90 – 100
A 80 – 89 80 – 89 85 – 89.9
A-     80 – 84.9
B+ 75 – 79   77 – 79.9
B 70 – 74 70 – 79 73 – 76.9
B-     70 – 72.9
F (Failing Grade) 69 or Lower
DEF IN or INC Deferred Incomplete


When an instructor determines that a grade must be changed:

  • Formal signed notification is sent to the Director no later than 5 weeks after final deadline for grade submission
  • The Director forwards a copy of the recommended grade change to the Associate Dean or Chair of Graduate Studies in Education at the student’s home university​

Incompletes are not permitted in the Joint PhD Program.

    • Only in very exceptional circumstances will an incomplete be considered.
    • Instructor(s) will contact the Director directly for interim approval of an incomplete, following which the home university policy will apply.
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