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The Joint PhD in Educational Studies Program has hosted many stellar presenters for our Summer Doctoral Sessions over the years. You can find links to these powerful keynote presentations below.


  • 2023 – Fighting for the Common Good: Geographies of Resistance in Public Education
    Dr. Beyhan Farhadi
  • 2022 – Research on, for, and, as wellbeing: Learning to flourish in our work.
    Dr. Sabre Cherkowski
  • 2020 – Abstract-Questions of Witnessing, Transformation, & Ecological Well-Becoming
    Dr. Claudia Eppert
  • 2019 – Advocacy, Accommodation, and Agency: The Quest for a Healthy and Full Life for Every Sexual and Gender Minority Youth
    Dr. Andre Grace
  • 2018- Enunciation: Learning From the nIshnabek de’bwe wIn Project
    Dr. Susan Dion
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