The Comprehensive Portfolio

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By completing the comprehensive portfolio, students demonstrate/re-demonstrate their knowledge of their field of study in context of course work, scholarly tasks, and dissertation topic. Its structure provides students with latitude to demonstrate their knowledge and skills as scholars in their field of study. It has three primary components:

  1. Overview/Synthesis:
    • Students describe their academic growth as demonstrated through their courses, research activities, and other scholarly experiences
  2. Scholarly Tasks:
    • Students work with their doctoral committee to establish evidence of scholarly activities
  3. Supporting Documents:
    • Program of research & curriculum vitae

For more detailed information on the Comprehensive Portfolio (including information on committees, expectations, evaluation criteria, and structure) please see the Program Handbook as well as the Comprehensive Examination Page.

Accessing Comprehensive Portfolios Via Home University Portals

The Joint PhD Program is pleased to have password protected secure sites at each home university to display completed Comprehensive Portfolios. These sites are intended to promote knowledge sharing and facilitate a sense of learning community by providing students and faculty of the Joint PhD in Educational Studies program with access to completed portfolios from across the three partner universities. If you are accepted to the program, you can reach out to the Administrative Assistant of the Joint PhD Program to request access to the Comprehensive Portfolio repository. 

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